Innovative Concepts Contracting Inc. (ICC) is a Canadian owned and operated contracting company specializing i construction management and organization, interior and exterior finishing, flooring installation and home automation and security.  We are experts in finishes, including paint, wallpaper, faux finishes, flooring, and artistic lighting.  Our history with our satisfied customers demonstrates that we have the ability to provide a wide spectrum of construction services, delivering deadlines, and with the highest quality.

Our Philosophy
We strive to deliver the finish as the customer envisions it, we delivery quality work and through steady communication with our clients, founded on reciprocal trust, honesty, accountability and reliability.  Our team has a customer focus approach, providing a comfortable, accountable and safe working environment.

Winners in every job.
Credible, knowledgeable and accountable team members will attend to every aspect of the job.  Our customers rely on us because we have earned their trust and proven ourselves with every job we complete.  Consistent and clear communication provide UpToDate job status and information, keeping all stakeholders in the loop.  Shortcuts are not acceptable, as there is only one way to complete a job, the right away.   We take responsibility for our work, and don’t point fingers when things are not right.   We simply do what it takes to make it right by taking full responsibility and ownership of everything we do.  We want every customer to be a winner when they choose to work with ICC..

Winners always aim to finish first each and every time.  We are always eager to explore the next opportunity to perform and give our customers another win.  Past projects are reminders of the wins of the past and summarize what we have accomplished and  the high level of quality we put in each and every job.